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65205 Wiesbaden

tel: +49 611 450 49-47

Interview Techniques

Anybody is capable of conversing, but do you really discover what you intended to? Structured and semi-structured interviews are part of numerous HILL projects.

Achieve better results by conducting high-quality conversations
More than 250 psychologically trained specialists as well as regular interview training will guarantee discourse which maximises the benefit for both parties.

An appreciative attitude during discourse enables reciprocally beneficial communication
Stress-free interview conditions are the only guarantee for open and effective communication (exchange of information). The basis of mutually satisfactory communication is to be seen in establishing a trusting conversational atmosphere and demonstrating positive appreciation.

"It is essential to take up an appreciative stance towards candidates. A pleasant conversational atmosphere creates an excellent basis for collaboration; individuals become authentic, feel comfortable and associate this experience with their prospective employee!"
Mag. Sabine Joanowitsch, Interview Trainer, HILL International 

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