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HILL Competence Analysis - Performance & Concentration

Find out working speed, accuracy & working style of your (prospective) employees! 

Geschwindigkeit, Genauigkeit und Stil

An inaccurate bookkeeper? A pilot with wandering concentration?  Employee performance capacity and accuracy pose significant factors for your company’s success!

3 minutes of full concentration!
The Performance & Concentration Process Analysis establishes working speed, accuracy, and working style of the respective individual.  

"A capacity to concentrate is essential in all jobs. Some fields of activity, however, demand an above-average capacity for concentration and non-stop accuracy. With the Performance & Concentration Analysis I am able to distinguish between "top performers" and the rest."
Mag. Roberta Borsos, Recruiter, HILL Woltron Management Partner Vienna 

Have a look at an example of evaluation: evaluation performance.pdf

For more detailed information on the HILL Competence Analysis© contact us !  

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