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HILL Competence Analysis - Personality

Find out whether the personality really suits the requirements of the vacant position and of your company! 

Find out who the perfect fit is!

Job requirements are as multifaceted as the personalities. Financial controllers should steer clear of risks and focus on the facts, recruiters should act person-centred & not be too credulous!

Find out who the perfect fit is!
It is essential that someone’s personality fits the particular job specifications. Thus work becomes more productive & enjoyable and the employees feel motivated and content. 

Holistic analysis in 45 minutes
A differentiated Personal Profile is established by means of 288 statements. Examination from various perspectives enable a fine-tuned analysis of behaviour & disposition in various life situations.

"The structured Personality Inventory forms the core of HILL Competence Analysis©. No matter whether it is utilised for Personality Development, Search & Selection or in Vocational Counselling; you create motivated and content employees by aligning personal characteristics and job specifications. And ultimately guaranteed business success."
Dr. Othmar Hill, Founder of HILL International, Developer of the HILL Competence Analysis©

Have a look at an example of evaluation: evaluation personality.pdf

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